There are as many travel blogs as there are grains of sand. Usually, they only document a short vacation, an exchange semester, or a distinct time out to some remote locations. It’s rare for them to be dedicated to a larger audience than the author’s circle of friends and acquaintances, which means that the exciting adventures, the astounding discoveries, the most moving experiences and the most beautiful places remain unnoticed in the wide reaches of the web or even completely disappear from the screen. That’s a shame, isn’t it? Not only for those who put so much effort into their beautiful blogs, but also for those who are missing out on the great adventures and inspirations that many of these stories can give us.

We connect our stories and widen our audience

The Travel Stories is a platform for the best English-language travel stories on the internet – regardless of whether they’re originally posted as a blog, news story, or photo gallery: the many-sided stories of travel are integrated here. Anecdotes about small, unknown hideaways. Reports about world famous metropolises. Diary entries or short stories of high personal value. Adventures that open our eyes and give us a new view of things.

Selected narratives with an eye for detail, accentuated with breathtaking pictures, videos or audio recordings. Published by fantastic world travelers and storytellers.

We love travel, because we mainly love the stories that happen to us when we travel. The astonishment that overcomes us when everything is different than expected. The permanent broadening of our horizons when we do something for the first time: tasting something new, getting to know new people, discovering a new perspective towards the world – or quite simply sharing the party of our lives with new like-minded people. Let’s hold on to our best moments and share them with a big audience!

Fire your engines and pour your words out!
Welcome to The Travel Stories.